Archives for July 7, 2004

mom & me in vancouver

my mom is on the right with the beautiful white hair. that's me on the left, looking more like my dad each day. i'm not sure i'm happy about that. thats me in the chinese gardens... and me in front of a totem pole. i'm not sure i like that skirt as much as i used to now... me in front of virgin mega store, with the elvis whale. these whales were all over the city. … [Read more...]

random memories of my vacation

so, i've got some random memories i thought i might share from my trip: a homeless girl sitting on the corner near the gaslight district (painting her fingernails of all things to do on a corner) yelled at us for not giving her money. she said that we had no compassion because she was pregnant and it wasn't her fault and it was our responsibility to take care of her. yeah, ok. let's go with that. mom lost her credit card sunday night. spent monday morning trying to take care of the problem, … [Read more...]

quiz anyone?

from notanotherdoll, who got it from shabbydoll: 20 questions to a better personality: You are an SECF--Sober Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a hippie. You are passionate about your causes and steadfast in your commitments. Once you've made up your mind, no one can convince you otherwise. Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices decidedly temperate and chaste. You do tremendous work when focused, but usually you operate somewhat distracted. You blow hot and … [Read more...]