Archives for July 11, 2004


this is actually a comment on a boy and his computer, but it isn't taking. i'll post it here instead. ok... i saw the movie yesterday. i liked it. my mom loved it. my parents moved to flint in 1966. i was born there in 67. we moved away in 82. my mom moved back in 86 and lived there for 6 more years. she has met michael moore, and knows people who know his parents, they live in burton, not flint. i hated roger and me. hated it. it wasn't the flint i remembered as a child. since … [Read more...]

bb5 feed

so, i'm watching the bb5 feed instead of reading, or knitting. i'm sure i could do two things at once, but i've decided to just watch the feed. warning... spoilers in the extended entry.... so i'm starting to absolutely hate marvin. every other word that comes out of his mouth is a swear word... he talks about masturbation all the time, and apparently he classifys women as fish... i have no idea why they picked this guy... absolutely no idea. i really wish that he had a chance to be out … [Read more...]