Archives for July 9, 2004


tonight mom and i watched countdown on msnbc... he had this guy on who was talking about rupert murdoch and the fox news network. who knows who this guy was, i don't... but here is the point: the dude had a bald head. then, the dude was wearing rimless eye glasses on top of his head. rimless eye glasses with a black frame. it looked like he had two black antennae growing off the side of his head. didn't someone in the studio tell him how stupid he looked? i mean really... someone … [Read more...]

vancouver was all about food!

this was our tea at the empress... after we started eating it. oops! this was my dinner... at the overview on grouse mountain. i had pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and beets. yummy! mom's dinner at the overview... salmon and some rice/potato/puff pastry tower thing. she also had beets. … [Read more...]

big brother feed, is it really necessary?

when i still worked at aspect, and i think bb2 was on, i watched the feed all the time. i just adored the feed. i didn't really watch, i just listened. maybe that's why i got laid off... too much feed, not enough work. i even was known to watch the san diego zoo panda cam. of course, the panda is in china now, so it's not available, but i did love my feeds. last year gigglechick got the feed and i was totally jealous. i wanted to watch, but i was too cheap. by the time i decided i … [Read more...]