Archives for July 20, 2004

gno goes persian again

tonight we had persian again. it was very good. i really enjoyed it. we have a new girl joining us. she is very sweet. she had a baby around the same time that andrea did. it really changes the conversation. don't get me wrong. i don't mind the conversation. it's just, we talk about marriage and babies more than we used to. with me having neither, it makes it hard. tonight was really hard. every time andrea mentions the fact that our friend paul is marrying the girl he met after the … [Read more...]

actually working

you know, i've been working today. and i've been having a blast. i've been changing a report i already wrote, and re-orienting the output. very fun. then i gave advice to some friends. now i get to go to gno. i think i might be feeling better. and hell, if some dude doesn't want to date me, that is their problem, not mine. i'm a hell of a good catch. ask the rocker, he'll tell you. … [Read more...]