Archives for July 19, 2004

what do you think of this photo?

so i'm thinking that my vancouver photos aren't sexy enough for finding a date. do you think this one is better? maybe a little cleavage will help me out. hmm. not sure... but i'm going to try. chin up! i'm a great girl, right? there has to be someone out there for me. … [Read more...]

bb5 feed

i love the feed... i do. i just wish that they weren't so shallow. warning: spoilers in the extended entry... so karen is taking holly's place on the block. looks like they are still voting out lori. it erks me. i want those nasty metro-sexuals off. icky jace and scott. they are just nasty. now the girls are around talking about how they need hoh. i just hope they get it. and power of veto. and how the hell is holly still there? really how? she is so stupid. have you heard her … [Read more...]

mortgage issues with the ‘rents

so here we go again. mom wants to get dad off the property, and to do this, mom has to refinance the house and the second. dad wants to be off the property, but only if his name is off the second. mom can't refinance until dad is off the property. it's a huge frickin' mess. i hate being in the middle of these matters. i hate it. it drives me batty. i don't have any say. i don't have any control. one calls me to do one thing. the other calls for something else. it drives me batty. of … [Read more...]