Archives for July 13, 2004

it’s all about the whales

today i'm posting the whales that i took pictures of while in vancouver. there were lots that i didn't take pictures of, but i liked these four. i think they were actually in victoria. the elvis one was in vancouver. that one was funny. this one was outside the museum in victoria. they are getting ready to have an exhibit on egypt... this one was outside a hotel by where the boats come from seattle. this one was by the tourist center. this one was outside the hudson bay company store... i … [Read more...]

the senate wants to do what?  and bush said WHAT?

via glimpse of a grrl TO: President Bush, Senators, and Representatives FROM: (Your Name and Email) SUBJECT: Marriage Equality __________ Dear President Bush, Senators, and Representatives: I urge you to reject the politics of hate and division. Everyone has the same rights. There is no place in America for a Constitutional amendment denying marriage equality to anyone. Sincerely, gwenATdaisydoDOTcom you should send one tool … [Read more...]

more daily whining

daisy is back from the groomers, she is so beautiful! i just love it when she is really clean. i hate to give her a bath because she really hates it. so, sending her to the groomers really is ideal. i meant to take a picture of her last night (before she got a chance to get dirty), but i forgot. i've also lost my current library read "things my girlfriend and i have argued about". i had it at therapy last night. god only knows where it is now. i remember putting it in the car, but damn … [Read more...]