Archives for July 14, 2004

‘cause i’m a blonde!  yeah, yeah yeah!

hello? blondstar? (please be kind to this blonde, right click and save) thanks cin for the reminder. as if i could forget. i think you are just jealous, aren't ya? … [Read more...]

answering questions!

gracefully stolen from zoot among others... FIRSTS First job: i was a cashier at KFC. First screen name: you don't really need to know that, do you? First self-purchased CD: U2 war... actually an album First piercing/tattoo: Piercing? ears, when i was 12 First true love: high school - matt riley First enemy: chris sullivan in like 2nd grade LASTS Last big car ride: to monterey to visit ms. nikki about two months ago Last kiss: my mom at the airport on sunday morning Last library book checked … [Read more...]