more daily whining

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daisy is back from the groomers, she is so beautiful! i just love it when she is really clean. i hate to give her a bath because she really hates it. so, sending her to the groomers really is ideal. i meant to take a picture of her last night (before she got a chance to get dirty), but i forgot.

i’ve also lost my current library read “things my girlfriend and i have argued about“. i had it at therapy last night. god only knows where it is now. i remember putting it in the car, but damn brain can’t seem to figure anything out these days.

speaking of therapy… i’m being harrassed about finding an assertiveness book. yeah, i suck at that. i admit it. unless i’m mad. then i’m great at it. the problem is that i shouldn’t need to be mad to be assertive. there you have it. a new thing to spend my time on… being assertive.

other than this… it’s a normal tuesday. good thing bb5 is on tonight. it gives me something to do.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one watching BB5.  I wish Scott would get beaten over the head or something.  =]