the passat

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so this morning i was paying the rest of my monthly bills, and i decided to take a peek at my balance on my car loan. it said,

loan balance: $1.09, next payment $423.54 on August 6

so you know what i did? i paid off my car loan. i paid the $1.09, and then the whole loan account went away… it was so cool!

my car is now free and clear. all the little bumps and bruises that once happened to someone elses car, now are all mine. smile i bet i’m even going to get a new title now, one that says just my name, not the banks! smile

and now, i’m $400 richer every month. hmm. maybe i need to buy something else! or, i could start saving. that would make my mom happy. either way, i’m just a happy camper!

go gwen, go gwen!

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  1. Thats AWESOME. I’ve got debt consolidation payments every month. I was THRILLED when that got my credit card total down below 10K. Thats so sad of me…But I know how you feel!

  2. save it for a cruise. *nodding*

  3. That’s so great… And $400 extra a month sounds great too!

  4. I have an idea… Payments on my Sporty Ford Focus (SFF) are only $325. You could pick up my loan, and still save $75 a month!

    I’ll mail you my book.