lessons learned

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here is what i learned this weekend in a nutshell.

  1. get the full story from an impartial party
  2. don’t give into guilt, emotion, or hysteria… stand your ground
  3. let someone else handle it. it will get done, even if you don’t do it.
  4. if you feel a personal pity party coming on, take a walk until it goes away
  5. no one takes care of you but you.
  6. when your gut tells you to leave, LEAVE
  7. when your best friend tells you to leave, LEAVE RIGHT NOW
  8. there is a time and a place for everything
  9. people who love you don’t bring up your faults when your chips are down…
  10. don’t forget your knitting! it’s an excellent out of situations you have to be in, but don’t want to be

my dad is the same old hard-headed man he was before his procedure. he had a mild heart attack on saturday night. he has one stint. he was released on monday. he is resting comfortably with his dog candy in his easy chair. he has eaten 2 pieces of lettuce (in addition to his standard meat and potatoes) since he got home. he is convinced that he should be able to drive right now, and that he doesn’t need rehabilitation. i can’t wait for him to see his heart doctor so that he can be put in his place.

yes dad… you have to eat veggies, you can’t drive, and you are going to be on a rehab program. you did have a heart attack, no matter how mild you think it was.

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  1. Those are valuable lessons.  I still need to learn some of them myself (including the knitting lesson!)

    Glad to hear your dad is going to be okay.

  2. They are all so true. Although I don’t really know about nr. 10. Maybe I should take up knitting!

  3. Glad to hear things are ok!

  4. Agree absolutely. Especially about the knitting. Used to knit the time away at high school. That was one place I didn’t want to be…

    I hope your father is going to be ok in spite of himself.

  5. Girl—I JUST went through this with my dad.  He goes back to work tomorrow for the first time.  Same exact thing.  I could have written your post.  Totally know what you’re feeling and my heart is with you.