what a hellish week

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i’m so glad that my week is finally over. i’m glad my dad is better, or on his way to better… it makes things easier.

now i have to go to the therapist and answer to all the stupid things i did. all the things that are counter productive to my emotional well being. the rocker thing, the dad thing… i may not be happy with what happened at the hospital. but i’m not upset with calling the rocker. i like having things hit me upside the head. i like reminders that i made the right decision.

so this weekend i’m going to keep busy and start my new postive attitude. i’m actually excited. lisa and i are going to start taking yoga. my uber cool cousin is going to come down and visit, and if i’m lucky, i will see the lovely nikki soon. daisy and i will continute to talk to people at the park, and take our long walks.

i see a light at the end of my tunnel, and i am not alone.

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  1. You are right, you are not alone!
    And yoga is great for relaxation, and it’s great for flexibility…

  2. Sounds like a new beginning you’ve been needing. And I”m starting YOGA too! We can travel the road of emotional healing through flexibility together (heh).